“In today's fast-paced environment we need to learn and adapt quickly. These publications are concise and easy to read and the lessons can be used immediately.”
Dr. Chris Bart, FCPA

20 Questions Directors Should Ask About Strategy (2nd Edition)

by Dr. Chris Bart, F.C.A.

What is the responsibility of boards for their organization’s strategy… and what should it be?

The monograph 20 Questions Directors Should Ask about Strategy is a concise, easy-to-read discussion on the role that directors play in performing one of their most important functions – helping to set the strategic direction of the organization. The monograph offers an indispensable action plan for directors who wish to constructively engage their management in strategic thinking and decision-making but not infringe on management’s fundamental responsibilities.

The 20 questions offer guidance to directors on frameworks, processes and outcomes in order both to provide them with insight and to stimulate discussion on their organization’s strategy.

They are questions for which the answers should be known by every director.

For each question, a brief commentary is also provided which is intended to help directors critically assess the answers they are given and for digging deeper if necessary.

  • Highly readable; takes just 1 hour to read!
  • Implementation capability: Immediate
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