“In today's fast-paced environment we need to learn and adapt quickly. These publications are concise and easy to read and the lessons can be used immediately.”
Dr. Chris Bart, FCPA

What Not-for-Profit Board Leaders are Saying About...

“20 Essential Questions Directors of Not-for-Profit Organizations Should Ask About Strategy”

“A wonderful monograph. Concise, wise and useful.”

Rob Burton
Chair of Council & Mayor
The Town of Oakville, Ontario

“A must read for Boards whose Directors take their responsibilities seriously and are committed to being truly effective. Not-for profit organizations of all sizes and complexity will benefit tremendously from the application of Chris Bart’s 20 questions and insightful illustrations.” 

Mary Anne Chambers
Past Chair, The United Way of Canada
Board Member, Center for Addiction and Mental Health

Dr. Chris Bart’s “20 Essential Questions” is a ‘must read’ for directors of all not-for-profit organizations.  Dr. Bart’s publication offers directors skilled guidance and pragmatic insights to fulfill one of their most important responsibilities, namely, to set the strategic direction of their organizations.  Not-for-profit organizations will reap tremendous benefits from having their directors read and apply the guidance of Dr. Bart’s publication. 

Gar Emerson
Director, CAE INC & Canadian Tire Corp. Ltd.
Chairman, The York Club
Former Char, Sunnybrook Foundation and Victoria University Campaign
Former Director, University of Toronto Asset Management Crop and Sunnybrooke Health Sciences Center

“Chris Bart’s book is both highly insightful and immensely practical for Directors of Not-for–profits. Any NFP Board would be well advised to use this book as the starting point and guide book as it works with management to set strategy.”

Courtney Pratt
Chairman & CEO,
Toronto Region Research Alliance

"In a word - OUTSTANDING! Dr. Bart has captured the essence of the director's role in strategy and provided superb guidance on how to craft an effective strategic framework. His monograph is a must read for every director regardless of the size or complexity of their organization." 

Andy Poprawa
Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario

This book is exactly the type of reading opportunity I would have liked to have had when first starting to work with not-for-profit boards.  It provides guidance, in clear, “every day” language, on the performance expectations of Directors in fulfilling their strategic – and fiduciary - role to guide, and set the direction for, the not-for-profit association.  The case examples illuminate the points being made and provide a wonderful roadmap for all types of Boards when engaging with their management on the topic of strategy.  The book would be an excellent resource in Board training and on-boarding.

Debbie Bennett
Chair,Canadian Human Resources Professionals Assoc.
Past Chair, Human Resources Professionals Assoc. of Ontario

Chris Bart’s latest monograph provides concise, comprehensive and valuable guidance for boards of not-for-profit organizations.   "20 Essential Questions Directors of Not-for-profit Organizations Should ask about Strategy" should be a required resource for the orientation of all new directors. As well, it is an essential tool that should be used throughout the Board year to guide directors towards fulfilling their responsibility of organizational stewardship. 

Tina Perlman
Past Chair,
Ontario Pharmacists' Association

This book is a must read for not-for-profit directors!!! As a director of a major not-for-profit hospital, helping to set the strategic direction of the organization is one of my most important functions. This book offers important advice and how-to information that helps me to do my job effectively. Whatever the size or complexity of your organization, as a director helping to develop the strategy is critical. This book provides the insight and advice you need to get the job done!

Hon. Tony Valeri, P.C., C. Dir.
Chair, St. Joseph's Hospital

Canada's Mr. Mission has written another landmark book in the field of governance.  In an easy to read and understand tone, Dr. Chris Bart reveals the secrets to setting strategy in not-for-profit-only organizations. His "20 Questions" approach will allow CEO's senior managers, and board members to create a mission, vision, statement of values, and strategic directions that are meaningful, purposeful, and measurable.  For anyone interested in best practices and getting from "good to great," this book is a must-read.

Marvin Ryder
Past Chair,
Hamilton Health Sciences Corp.