“In a successful organization, mission is king.”
Dr. Chris Bart, FCPA


Please take a few minutes to fill out this short Strategy Execution Test. Each question is ranked on a scale of 5-1; five meaning "completely agree", and one meaning "not at all". After your survey is submitted Corporate Missions Inc. will assess your results and contact you if needed.

Every member of the C-Suite is thoroughly familiar and completely aligned with the company strategy (i.e., mission, vision, values, goals, objectives and strategic priorities)*
Every front-line employee clearly sees how their job is specifically aligned with and contributes to the achievement of the company strategy*
We are perceived as the place to work in our industry for top talent*
Customers are willing to continue doing business with us even when competitors lower their prices*
Performance reviews have personal performance objectives that are tightly linked to the company strategy*
Our advertising and PR firms demonstrate clearly to us that they are specifically messaging against our company’s strategy objectives*
We have tightly aligned all our operating systems (e.g., Human Resources, Information Systems, Budgeting, etc.) with the company strategy*
We have tightly aligned our functional and business unit plans with the company strategy*
All employees feel that they have a “line of sight” to customers and satisfying their needs*
All employees individually know on a regular basis (i.e. more than annually) the progress they are making in contributing to the achievement of the company strategy*


After you submit your answers The Schreiber Bart Group will review your score. A member of our team will contact you to let you know where your vulnerabilities lie and how we may be able to help. Thank you for taking the time to fill out the questionnaire!