Dr. Chris Bart, FCPA

Our Philosophy


Strategy is analogous to designing a road.  

It let’s every member in an organization know where the the company is going, what roads each person should take to get there, how fast they can go, and what exits are permissible.  When a strategy is being executed well, organizational “traffic” flows in the right direction and the firm, through its employees, builds value for its customers and investors.  When errors in execution occur, there are “accidents” creating execution gaps.  They can be minor, or they can create major problems that can cost a lot of money, waste hours of valuable time, and eventually cause crises.  

We help identify and close execution gaps!  What we look for is whether or not the strategy has been communicated clearly throughout the organization, whether it has been understood well, whether there is alignment and commitment to it at all levels (especially the senior management team!), whether it is properly resourced and and whether all parts of the supply chain are harmonized with the strategy. 

At Corporate Missions Inc., we have a great deal of experience working at both the board, C-Suite and functional levels doing this.

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