“In today's fast-paced environment we need to learn and adapt quickly. These publications are concise and easy to read and the lessons can be used immediately.”
Dr. Chris Bart, FCPA


At Corporate Missions Inc. we offer a unique and proprietary solution to your execution problems. We believe that the essence of excellence in execution stems directly from the degree to which a company’s leadership and organizational systems, policies and procedures are aligned with its strategy.

We believe that it does not matter how good your strategy sounds or how well it reads if it is not somehow demonstrably expressed in the day-to-day activities and behaviors of all your employees and partners, from the C-suite to the front line. For this to happen, for any strategy to be successfully implemented through the behaviors and actions of every staff person, all organizational systems must be aligned with it. We have captured this execution philosophy diagrammatically in what we call the Bart Star Framework.

The Bart Star Framework illustrates the organizational path that every corporation must follow from the first articulation of its strategy to achieving its desired performance results. While the framework suggests that there are five major organizational systems that need to be aligned with the strategy, the subtle and often overlooked consideration is the “connecting lines” which require not only that each component aligns with the strategy but also with each other.

We have found that with even just one of the connecting lines broken, a strategy’s execution will be put at risk. Moreover, as the number of broken lines increases, the probability of execution fails.

At Corporate Missions Inc., our unique Strat-Ex Audit pinpoints the broken connections, and the execution gaps in the Bart Star Framework and we use this information to help set you back on the road to execution success and achieveing the Execution EdgeTM.