“This best selling book will radically change the way you interect with your employees... or anyone else that you need to rely upon.”
Dr. Chris Bart, FCPA

What Leaders are Saying About This Book

"A Tale of Two Employees is a must-read for every entrepreneur, manager and would-be leader. The book’s genius derives from Dr. Bart’s ability to demystify the process by which a leader can successfully execute the most critical leadership task: getting people to do effectively what needs to be done. Best of all, Dr. Bart explicitly contemplates—and provides a common-sense solution to the situation where an employee who simply doesn’t “get it” fails to respond to his manager/leader’s requests and directions. Very good things often come in relatively small packages. A Tale of Two Employees is one of those very good things."

Gil Bennett
Chair, Board of Directors
Canadian Tire Corporation

“Clever, entertaining and insightful. This book provides a thoughtful examination of “how” to manage interpersonal relationships from a leadership perspective. That is, how to get things done THROUGH other people. Colourful imagery and scenarios. An easy read.”

Wayne Fox
Chair, The TSX Group
Former Vice Chair, CIBC

“Dr. Bart's book should be required reading for anyone in a leadership position. It presents some profound, yet simple principles for getting results from people by managing through common sense. A Tale of Two Employees is easy reading, its entertaining and it offers wisdom that you can use every day.”

Urmas Soomet
Corporate Secretary and Director, Legal Services
ArcelorMittal Dofasco

“Bart's book speaks to the reality that you have to make tough personal choices in business. I particularly liked the way he set out the stages of discovery. They are put into an engaging format so that the reader has an emotional attachment to the outcome and therefore a buy-in to the message of the book. There are many nice gems in here and the book carries a powerful message for leaders.”

John Grant
Managing Director, Investment Banking
RBC Capital Markets