“A great mission statement will enhance both your customers' and your employees' relationship with your organization.”
Dr. Chris Bart, FCPA

Competing in the Experience Economy

Commodities. Brands. Services. In today’s challenging marketplace, these are proving to be no longer enough to gain competitive advantage. Indeed, most “service levels” have become so standardized (and expected) that they are being commoditized like steel, sugar and oil. Enter now the world of the “Experience Economy”: a rapidly emerging form of economic offering. In the experience economy, businesses must devise and stage memorable events for their customers. They must find new ways to turn their customers’ “moments” with them into lasting “memories”. Why? Because it’s those memories themselves that eventually become the real product purchased.

But it isn’t just soft goods that we’re talking about – such as the experience patrons enjoy every time they enter a Starbucks® Coffee Shop. It includes hard goods as well. One well known motorcycle manufacturer, for instance, claims that they no longer sell motorcycles! Instead, they proudly sell “the experience of feeling dangerous” to wealthy, middle-aged men and women. Creating such experiences enhances an enterprise’s economic value. But how exactly do savvy organizations do this?

In this presentation, Dr. Bart will demonstrate the growing need for every organization to recognize and respond to the challenges of the Experience Economy. More importantly, he will show you how you can transform your organization to orchestrate engaging experiences for all of your customers and have your employees give outstanding “performances” on the new business stage.

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