“Do your employees know your mission statement? Can they recite it word for word? If they can't say it, they can't live it.”
Dr. Chris Bart, FCPA

Employee Engagement:
Business Buzz of Serious Business?

In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, organizations need to get both the most and the best out of their people. To do this, most organizations go through the time consuming—and costly exercise of setting work objectives and conducting performance reviews to ensure the most favourable performance results for their firm. But this is proving to be insufficient!

In adopting traditional staff development models, leaders today are foregoing a key component of competitive advantage i.e. a corporate culture built on high levels of personal commitment and trust, and shared by every person throughout the organization.

Employee Engagement is the key ingredient for the masterful execution of an organization’s strategy and critical to attracting and retaining key talent. The problem is that it’s easy for busy leaders to fall into a number of traps which make employee engagement difficult – if not impossible – to achieve. Employee engagement is much more than simple talent recruitment and retention.

Because of the crucial link between employee engagement and business success, today’s leaders need to become highly skilled in deploying this essential business tool and learn how to conquer the barriers that get in their way.

In this presentation, Dr. Bart will show you how to take action to create an environment in which people willingly give the essential and discretionary “extra effort” that signifies high levels of Employee Engagement and ultimately impacts an organization's success.

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