“Mission statements can significantly affect your organization's bottom line results - provided they're designed and implemented properly.”
Dr. Chris Bart, FCPA

Corporate Governance Under Attack:
Aspiring toward a culture of Great Governance.

Corporate governance in Canada continues to be problematic. Stories regularly appear indicating that Boards and Directors are failing in their responsibilities to shareholders, investors and society at large. This is particularly disturbing because, without significant
improvement, confidence in Canadian capital markets will wane and stakeholders of all sorts will increasingly lose confidence in their institutions.

As the Founder, Principal and Lead Professor of The Directors College, Dr. Bart will prove that there is a "governance premium" waiting for those Boards smart enough to make the "right" changes.

This session involves a review of governance best practices resulting from his proprietary and ground-breaking research as well as ample practical advice designed to help Directors cope immediately with the governance avalanche currently overwhelming most Boards. Attendees will also learn the importance of doing a "Governance Audit"™ in order to test Board cohesion on both company strategy and governance processes.

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