“Let me show you how to deliver great results with a mission driven organization.™”
Dr. Chris Bart, FCPA

Sex, Lies & Mission Statements: Making Mission Matter

Many people think that mission statements exist only in the realm of large corporations. In fact, they are incredibly important for companies and not-for-profit organizations of every size. Every employee needs to clearly understand the goals of the company and the role they play in attaining results. The simple truth, however, is that most mission statements don’t work. That’s because, on the road to capturing the so-called “mission mystique”, most organizations wind up making too many “mission mistakes”.

In Sex, Lies and Mission Statements, Dr. Bart focuses on how vitally important the mission statement is to every organization. Based on over 20 years of research, he demonstrates:

  • How mission statements are currently being misused in practice

  • How mission statements, when used wisely, can “make a difference” in any organization’s performance

  • How to implement the mission statement so that it will deliver outstanding results IMMEDIATELY

Dr. Bart demonstrates what great leaders in every organization, small or large, can do to immediately increase their ‘leadership capacity’ and bring their mission statement to life. In so doing, he stimulates his audiences to transform their organization’s mission statement from murk into a masterpiece that inspires action and achievement.

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