“In today's fast-paced environment we need to learn and adapt quickly. These publications are concise and easy to read and the lessons can be used immediately.”
Dr. Chris Bart, FCPA


“A compelling message to hospital leaders looking to breathe life into their organization’s mission statement and make their hospital truly mission-driven. Bart provides a practical guide – and powerful analysis - that effectively demonstrates the crucial elements needed to align the mission with a hospital’s performance.”

Director, Educational Services & Governance Programs
Ontario Hospital Association

“Dr. Bart makes a compelling case for the importance of Mission statements in the best healthcare environments and then provides his detailed 5-C Mission model methodology for creating one and bringing it fully to life. Terrific material for all Boards and senior management teams.”

Former Vice President, Human Resources
Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto, Canada)
Senior Vice-President, Human Resources & Corporate Initiatives
Empire Life

“Bart has done an excellent job of capturing the essence of the importance of not only creating a Mission Statement, but also link- ing it to how one fundamentally focuses and aligns an organization. This book will assist hospital Executives by arming them with the ready answers as to how to respond to the many skeptics that refuse to embrace the need to invest valuable time in creating a Mission Statement.”

Hamilton Health Sciences

“Bart’s 5-C Mission Model provides a user friendly, easily under- standable and highly implementable step-by-step recipe for success for every hospital in the country. It is a book that must be read by every healthcare leader. I loved it!”

Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant Local Health
Integration Network (LHIN)

“Very timely, informative, thought provoking and practical informa- tion for any NFP hospital or, for that matter, any healthcare organiza- tion particularly in these turbulent and potentially disruptive times. Excellent guidance based on groundbreaking peer hospital survey responses and Chris’s extensive subject matter expertise.”

Vice Chair,
St. Boniface Hospital

“Bart’s book is written for hospital leaders but relevant to all organiza- tions within the broader healthcare sector. If you are ready to embark on developing or renewing your strategic plan – Bart’s book will provide you with the step-by-step and readily applied guidance to develop a winning mission for your organization. In fact, Dr. Bart’s book recently helped me to lead my own team through an effective strategic planning renewal process which will make us truly become mission-driven. Bart’s book is a must read for Board members and Senior Leaders in order to understand the fundamental need and ultimate suc- cess in being mission-driven and the steps required to get there. His book will be my go-to tool for future inspiration and guidance whenever I question the level of mission-driven commitment in my organization.”

Executive Director
Maitland Valley Family Health Team

“Many hospital’s mission statements become fixtures on the wall beside strategic planning documents of the past, lacking relevance and meaning for staff, stakeholders, and the communities that we serve. The Mission-Driven Hospital book and its 5-C Model is a must read for hospital executives looking to bring their organization’s mis- sion to life with inspiration and relevance every day across the orga- nization, from the Board of Directors to our patients’ bedsides.”

President & CEO
Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital

“Chris Bart has waded into the complex world of hospitals and the healthcare environment and has brought clarity to the potential of the mission-driven hospital. Whether it’s high tech, high touch, teaching, or community health that drives a hospital, the right mis- sion statement has the power to guide it in best serving those in need of its services.”

President, Nipissing University
Former Executive Director, Aboriginal Healing Foundation
Past Chairman, Queensway Carleton Hospital Board Director,
Champlain Local Health Integration Network

“I’ve been working in both private and public healthcare for most of my career. Chris Bart lays out an inspiring call to action and path to becoming a mission-driven healthcare organization. An important read!”

VP Business Development & COO,
Orion Health Services

“This book should be on every hospital board’s and senior manage- ment team’s “must read” list as they embark on their hospital stra- tegic plan. It is an excellent resource with the potential to have a positive lasting impact in the healthcare sector. With one “ah ha” moment after another, this book is exciting and inspirational. The reader wants to get right to work analyzing and improving their own hospital mission statement. Through the use of real life examples and referencing his own very extensive research, Dr. Bart has created a tool that will serve hospitals well into the future. Moreover, in this time of increasing pressure on hospitals to do more with less, Dr. Bart has identified a “secret of success” that impacts hospitals at all levels – from the CEO to the front line work- ers. He takes his readers through a logical and easy to follow “5-C Mission Model” to improve hospital performance through the use of a well crafted and properly implemented mission statement.”

Vice Chair,
North Wellington Health Care Corporation

“I found Chris Bart’s book to be an easy read but more importantly informative, applicable and valuable . . . I think his 5-C Mission Model is spot on.”

Bluewater Health

“Chris Bart’s book clearly represents what hospitals and hospital sys- tems should do (but don’t). The strategic planning cycle is short and the strategic plan is usually not mission-driven. Thus there is a significant gap here that Bart has identified and which is critical to close in our sector. “

Chief of Staff
MacKenzie Health

“I want every one of my employees to read this book. It is a must read for Directors at anytime, but particularly in advance of strategic planning discussions. Bart’s book is the perfect “how to do it and why” that I have ever read. While talk of being mission-driven has been around for years, Bart’s book, ironically, is a pioneering work on the subject. It is approachable, methodical, highly supported, and eloquently written. It will save you years of aimlessly wander- ing through the wilderness of searching for what it means to be a mission-driven hospital.”

Haldimand War Memorial Hospital and Edgewater Gardens
President and CEO

“This is a practical and inspiring book. Chris Bart’s message is clear: “mission-driven” hospitals outperform other health care providers on virtually every measure. He has written a practical step-by-step guide that carefully explains how hospitals can make their mission the heart of all that they do, and why this is so essential. This book should be mandatory reading for every CEO and Board Chair in the Canadian health sector today. We all understand the need for mission statements, but seldom think about the process of creating and communicating them. And yet, as Chris Bart explains in this inspiring book, careful creation, communication and coordination are key to the transformation of hospitals into high achieving “mission-driven” organizations. Bart’s 5-C Mission Model is a step-by-step prescription for sustained long term success. Moreover, Bart’s new book is a wake-up call for any hospital administrator who still believes a mission statement belongs only in the annual report and on the board room wall. The research underpinning Chris Bart’s new book provides clear proof that the most successful hospitals are the ones that make their mission the heart of all they do. His 5-C Mission Model is a useful tool for any hospital embarking on strategic renewal.”

Campbellford Memorial Hospital
Past Chair

“I found Bart’s book to be a good read, fast paced and provocative; this book would serve as a thought provoking and excellent resource for hospital Board Chairs and Members alike. An enjoyable, and edu- cational read!”

Vice Chair
The Haldimand War Memorial Hospital and Healthcare Campus
Supervisor, College of Denturists of Ontario

“I found Bart’s book very enlightening. Dr. Bart looks at the mis- sion statement from conception to integration and control. . . . Like all good doctors, he examines the cause and not just the symptoms to develop the cure!”

Health Management Consultant

“Planning a strategic planning process? Read “The Mission-Driven Hospital” first! Bart delivers a roadmap that will turn your mis- sion statement into a powerful tool that meaningfully drives per- formance, engages your staff and community, and supports strategy deployment.”

President & CEO
North Bay Regional Health Centre