Dr. Chris Bart, FCPA

What Leading Corporate Directors Are Saying About This Publication…

"A critical contribution to directors’ understanding of their oversight role in strategy execution, without crossing the line into management. This is a must read for every director who is serious about helping his company overcome the #1 impediment to organizational success."

Steve Odland, CEO,
The Committee for Economic Development
Former Chairman & CEO, Office Depot,
Former Chairman & CEO, AutoZone,
Director, General Mills
Former Chair, Business Roundtable

"As a long time student of corporate organizational behavior and a veteran turnaround CEO and a director or former director of 20 or so organizations, I feel Achieving the Execution Edge™: 20 Essential Questions Corporate Directors Need to Get Answered about Strategic Execution addresses critical material lacking in the knowledge of many executives and directors. It not only addresses the basic question of "How" but it also both gives directors permission to probe this way, AND indicates that if they do not, they will not fully be discharging their fiduciary duties. I loved it all. Achieving the Execution Edge™ is beautifully framed and every word is meaningful."

Deborah Hicks Midanek,
President, Solon Group, Inc.
Chairman, Prevail Fund, Inc., USA

"A brilliant practice manual which will provide an invaluable service for each Director on how he can and should enhance their organization’s ability to execute the strategy. By this manual, theory becomes practical! This is what we Directors have been waiting for!"

Joachim Rabe,
Group CFO & Board Member,
Heristo AG

"In a world where directors are being increasingly held accountable for performance, this publication provides an essential practical guide to take a board from knowing the importance of strategy execution to being able to do it well in their organization."

Angela Pankhurst,
Non-Executive Director & Chair, Audit Committee
PanTerra Gold Ltd Australia

"This is a concise, clear and very logical analysis of a recommended approach to the oversight of the execution of a corporate strategy. While every director knows that corporate strategy is critical to success, not all directors know and apply a methodical approach to overseeing the execution of an approved strategy. This book provides a lot of thoughtful insight into how directors may fulfill this responsibility."

John Manley, PC, OC
President & CEO, Canadian Council of Chief Executives
Former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada

"Drs. Chris Bart’s and Elliot S. Schreiber’s Achieving the Execution Edge™ is easy to understand and at the same time rigorous. It is mandatory reading for the chief executive, managing director, senior HR officer, COO, CRO, external board advisor, and, perhaps most importantly, non-executive director and board chair. Strategy applies to all companies, in any sector. It is the one area Achieving the Execution Edge™ | vii that is often addressed last by boards, well after oversight and compliance, but has the single greatest effect on an organization thriving, or even surviving. This book is well organized, covers all aspects of strategy, and has many practical appendices, tools, cases and takeaways. It is current and relevant, covering emerging issues such as social communication, incentives, risk, talent, total rewards, integration, and IT, as well as all traditional business and stakeholder processes and controls, including excellent chapters on the governance of strategic execution. The checklists and frameworks cover inception, design, all the way to implementation and follow up. I intend for this to be mandatory reading for my students and executives and directors I train, and it should be for anyone with strategic responsibility or oversight. I highly recommend this practical book."

Richard Leblanc, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Law, Governance & Ethics York University

"Chris Bart and Elliot S. Schreiber have done an excellent job in providing specific and practical guidance to boards on how to help ensure that strategic plans are executed successfully. The breadth of coverage is comprehensive and is organized for easy reference on particular topics. This guide should be invaluable for directors of all sizes and types of organizations. There is so much literature out there that leaves you feeling unable to implement what you have read, while this has all the essentials together in a tidy package showing how to be a more effective board. It is honest, well written and based on practical experience as to what works and what doesn’t. Essential reading for any board member."

John, R. S. Fraser, FCA
Chief Risk Officer, Hydro One

"Achieving the Execution Edge™: 20 Essential Questions Corporate Directors Need to Get Answered about Strategic Execution provides a clear and compelling message about the important link between strategy and risk management. It also sheds light on the heretofore-blind spot that many organizations often overlook — the impact that culture has on how strategy gets implemented. These insights, together viii | Chris Bart and Elliot S. Schreiber with many others, should be viewed as priorities of the first order for all board directors who now face increasingly higher standards of corporate governance."

Lloyd Komori
Chair, Governance & Nominating Committee
Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network
Managing Director, KCI Inc.

"With ongoing business and organizational failures, the same cannot continue. Research clearly shows the execution is critical and Board oversight of strategy execution is now part of the "new world order" for Directors. This excellent book clearly aims to assist you as a Director to drill into the how to ensure excellence in strategy execution."

Jason Masters
Director, Non-Executive Director,
Audit & Committee Chair & Member

"Simply put, corporate governance should be primarily about maximizing company performance and shareholder value. As an experienced non-executive chairman in multiple board restructuring situations and as an active/activist investor, I have clearly seen the significant lack of engagement on the part of boards in the overall value creation process. This is especially glaring in the lack of rigor applied to execution. Chris Bart and Elliot Schreiber have provided a clear and succinct road map that covers every essential element of execution. Theirs is a prescription not just for the boards of underperforming and undervalued companies, but for any board that chooses to set their sights on developing the full potential of the company they govern. This book should become a business classic."

Henry D. Wolfe
De La Vega Occidental & Oriental Holdings